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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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almost seven years. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. freed in just the past hour. a man who was locked up for years is no longer behind bars tonight. paul chambers is live with what led to this. >> reporter: in the last hour, a man was able to walk free past these bars for a crime he never committed. here he is a happy free man. >> there's a lot of the weight came off of my shoulders. so i feel blessed for the judge to decide it. because one time i was thinking that the judge was you know just being hateful toward me. >> reporter: back in 2006, the now 51-year-old ross was convicted murder and assault for a firearm which he was sentenced for 25 years behind bars. today a judge ordered ross to
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be released after new evidence showed he was innocent. >> it makes no sense that mr. ross committed this crime. there's no physical evidence. it just didn't catch up. >> reporter: outside we spoke to one of ross's alibis, ross's 77-year-old mom who said he could not have committed the crime because he was at home with her at the time. ross's mother says she was in constant prayer that her son would come through this ordeal and now that he has she is disappointed it took nearly seven years to have her son home. >> i'm kind of worried about that because he can't get that life back that he took from him. i don't know how my child has been treated. >> i had to work with the anger. i did have to deal with people who had anger. i did not let that get to me i stayed positive at all times. >> reporter: ross will have shrimp and oysters for dinner tonight. hear the advice he has for law enforcement officers and people
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going through this ordeal and what he plans to do with his future. live in dublin, i'm paul chambers. the search continues tonight for a range rover that set off a fiery crash on the las vegas strip killing three people including an aspiring rapper from oakland. tonight the clark county coroner confirmed that ken cherry jr. was killed early yesterday morning. police say someone in the range rover shot at cherry's masorotti he then crashed into a taxi. family members have identified that taxi driver as 62-year-old michael bolden. bolden's fellow cab driverred honored him this morning at 4:20 a.m. exactly 24 hours after the deadly crash. drivers also let their meters run for 20 minutes and whatever the tab was that money was put into an account.
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a las vegas gentlemen's club has set up a special station in their valet stands to take donation. our camera was there as katrina fritz entered a courtroom. fritz is accused of taking part in a home invasion robbery in monte cerrito. fritz did not enter a plea and a judge did not grant her bail. she is expected back in court on thursday. the bomb squad was called to an oakland courthouse today because of a suspicious package there. it was a backpack and it was reported in the tunnel area of the rene seed davidson courthouse about 9:45 this morning. the bomb squad remotely opened the backpack and found tools inside. a man later told police that it was his backpack and he put it
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there because he knew he could not get it past the metal detectors. jason pedrosa was charged on wednesday. investigators say he sexually assaulted at least two underaged girls in walnut creek last fall and that there could be even more victims. pedroza was an actor, he also worked at a ballet school. no word yet on how he knew the victims. we have new information tonight about that crane that  collapsed yesterday underneath the new eastern span of the bay bridge. our consumer editor tom vacar is live on treasure island with what he has learned and the work that has now been temporarily stopped. tom-- >> reporter: well frank, i want you to take a look because this is something we did not know yesterday. when that steel and crane collapsed, the bridge did not escape unscathed. what we didn't know yesterday was that when the steel and crane collapsed the bridge did not escape unscathed.
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>> there was some cosmetic damage, there was no damage to the integrity of the bridge. >> reporter: investigators are studying the collapsed steel. >> the various parties that will be part of the investigation will be looking at both the crane and the piece of scaffolding that was involved in this incident as part of their ongoingen investigation. >> reporter: by midday, the crane destroyed was also being barged to pier seven as well. >> the steel truss underneath will be inspected. >> reporter: the work will be delayed by at least 30 days. meaning when the bridge opens a lot of it will still be in place. >> construction of the east span is continuing as planned and the bridge is still scheduled to open on labor day weekend. >> reporter: had anyone been injured or killed though the delay may have been much much
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longer. tom vacar. a protest at city college of san francisco ended peacefully today after student demonstrators came to terms with school administrators. some 30 students spent the night on campus to demand more communication with administrators as that school struggled to stay accredited. the protest ended at 9:00 a.m. after five of the students were granted a meeting set for monday with the school's interim chancellor. city college is at risk of losing its accreditation. five bay area municipal airports could see cuts. >> reporter: well gasia, we are at buchanan field in concord. about 257 aircrafts take off and land on this runway every day. and the faa employees that work in this control tower right next to us, they guide those pilots in and out of the area
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safely. the control tower in this airport the ones in livermore, napa, santa rosa and concord are all on a list that may have their control towers shut down. if a deal on the federal budget isn't reached by the end of next week. a company that provides fuel, parking and other services to planes here say without a control tower, air traffic would plummet and business would nose dive. many of the corporate jets will not come to an airport without a control tower. he says those corporate jets make up about 80% of his business. >> it's really dangerous to operate without the tower. a lot of our business jet carriers will not surf the airport if they are shut down. i may be faced with having to lay employees off. >> reporter: over the phone he explained that most planes would still be able to take off and land here. especially the smaller planes without a control tower. their pilots would have to rely
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solely on their radios to communicate with each other. allie rasmus. flights to mayor cities including san francisco could experience delays of up to 90 minutes at peak hours. the full impact wouldn't be felt until april when cuts of air traffic controllers go into effect. assemblyman jerry hill says the high speed trains should share caltrain's existing two track system. he introduced legislation to make that happen. the bill would close loopholes to allow high speed rail funding to pay for blending the new system with caltrain. redwood city police are
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investigating a deadly crash. it happened about 3:30 this morning on east bay shore boulevard. when officers arrived they found the body of 20-year-old alma cabrera villar laying on the roadway. for some unknown reason she lost control of the car and had hit a light pole, a fence then a fire hydrant. it has not been known the reason of the crash. david stevenson live in the city with surveillance video of the scam in action and an idea that police are borrowing from half way around the world. >> reporter: officers in san francisco hope the year of the snake will bring good luck but police expect that it will bring out scams. chinese seniors were presented with a special gift just in
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time for the lunar new year celebration. these blue shopping bags are meant to protect them against a scam targeting elderly asians. >> these are people's life savings at stake. >> reporter: police say the surveillance video shows the scam in action. a group of asian women approach an elderly woman on the street. they convince her to place her valuables in a bag to have the items blessed to keep away evil spirits. >> culturally folks are really superstition. they want to make sure they can ensure the good luck. >> reporter: the items are switched and the elderly don't know until later that they've been scammed. >> there are probably hundreds of others who are not willing to come forward. i think these will be very effective. >> reporter: these bags feature chinese and english warnings about the fraud. aimed at sending the message to
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thieves and potential victims. >> these bags identify you as someone who will not be easily taken in by the fraud scam. >> reporter: it's a simple idea that came from hong kong police who have battled similar scams for years. >> these are the exact same bags they have in hong kong that were responsible for an 80% reduction in this crime. >> reporter: the bags are actually made in hong kong and paid for by the san francisco police department. the asian police officers association and the district attorney's office. they hope to distribute 1,000 of these bags in the coming days. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. as many as 1 million people are expected to attend tomorrow's chinese new year parade in san francisco. and that could mean gridlock on city streets as paradegoers make their way to the rout. there will also be street closures. officials as always advise you
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to take public transportation. the fda has approved the first of its kind breast cancer drug. the drug consila combines drugs. the cocktail combination remains intact until it delivers a potent cancer fighting drug to the cancer cell. there are no side effects such as hair loss, nausea or vomiting. marco rubio abruptly resigned this morning. this means the democrats don't have the 2/3 majority needed to pass tax changes or override vetoes. however the loss is expected to only be temporary. special elections are being held next month in two
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districts previously represented by democrats and party leaders expect democrats to win those seats once again. another special election will be held for rubio's seat. rubio has taken a government affairs job with chevron. are you ready for the big one? why scientists say earthquakes are becoming more and more deadly. >> and your weekend basically here. a beautiful day today. what will it be like for the weekend? i'll let you know there's some clouds and maybe a sprinkle for part of it. all those details back here in 10 minutes. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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bay area scientists say earthquakes are becoming increasely deadly. >> reporter: here on the east, west side of the east bay hills here. and quake experts say it's the bay area's riskiest because so
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many people and so much infrastructure are near it. >> reporter: big quakes collapse vulnerable buildings and kill. there are so many more people now in vulnerable buildings, experts predict this century will be the deadliest ever for earthquakes. >> scary, very scary. >> more and more people living in these urban centers that are living in structures that collapse and kill them. >> reporter: usgs engineering geologist says in just the last decade of this century, four quakes worldwide each kill more than 50,000 people. that's half the number of such big killers in all the previous hundred years. he predicts as many as 25 quake catastrophes this century killing twice as many as in the last century. too many buildings and it's not just the third world, the bay area is also at risk. >> still have hospitals and
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older schools that aren't safe. >> reporter: halter says it's a money problem here and around the world. he's hoping this report will help focus attention on the life or death importance of seismic safety. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now here are some of the deadliest earthquakes since 2000 according to the usgs. the earthquake that hit haiti back in 2010 it killed 316,000 people. that massive earthquake ha hit indonesia then triggered a tsunami in 2004 it killed almost 228,000 people. the 2008 earthquake that hit china killed more than 87,000 and the tw 2005 earthquake in pakistan claimed 86,000 lives. congressional sources say boeing is proposing a long term solution for the battery problems that have led to the grounding of its entire fleet of 787 dream liners. boeing ceo plans to present the fix to the head of the faa today. it would involve beefing up the
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ceramic insulators and placing the cells in a most robust containers. an hour long stand off ended this afternoon with a man surrender. the man began breaking windows and said he had a gun. officers closed west mcarthur between market and san pablo and evacuated some buildings in that area. after an hour they convinced the man to give up and took him into custody. no word on what led to his erratic behavior. an italian newspaper is raising some questions about the resignation of pope benedict xvi. documents depicted black male, corruption and homo sexual tex taking place in the vatican. the church is dismissing the claims. >> i think our people are
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sophisticated enough to read through that and say that you know, right that's one opinion or sure maybe. so i don't worry that they are being taken in by it. >> last week the pope announced he would step down at the end of the month due to declining health. san jose officials are set to take a vote on a ban of styrofoam. the ban would significantly cut the waste. it also says switching over will lead to an average cost increase of more than 100%. but city councilman sam lacarta disagrees. >> i encourage local businesses to talk to other businesses in cities and towns where styrofoam bans have been enacted. you will see that the change is
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very minimal. >> 30 bay area governments already have similar bans in place. winder storm conditions caused a plane to skid off the roadway in cleveland. the 787 just landed and was taxing at hopkins international airport. crews took passengers on buses. >> it's funny to look at those pictures where it looks like winter and you look around here and it looks like spring. >> it does feel like spring. in the hillsides up toward hamilton everything is green and it does look like spring. we are not far from spring. it was warm today. we had a 65 over here in napa. i guess that and san rafael were both 65. so what a day. beautiful friday. no rain really headed our way. now this system looks pretty
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good. right i'm looking at this. looks like we'll get something out of it. check it out. so here it comes. but you can see where the rain sort of happening here along the coast. but behind it there's not a lot back here. it's losing its power as it moves offshore. i wish it was moving more directly out of the west and we'd be getting rain. this system looks like it's going to slide late tonight, late tomorrow morning and we might see a light sprinkle. some drizzle. maybe a little wet on the morning. as you head out to golf or you head out to take the kids to baseball or whatever your doing and that's about it. so it's not a rain event. wish it was but it's not. forecast highs tomorrow, a little cooler than today obviously. maybe 4 degrees cooler because that system is going to come in and cool us off. sunday is the coldest day in the winter. 45 in nevada. 60 in concord. 56 in oakland. i think that -- i'm looking at novato. i'm not sure that 49 that
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doesn't sound right to me. 37 in fairfield, 41 in antioch. 46 in santa rosa. you had frost this morning. if you did, you will get it again tomorrow morning. again more clouds coming in tonight. the chance of a light sprinkle, then we start to clear out tomorrow afternoon and daytime highs warm up nicely. we're looking for numbers tomorrow sliding. these were today's numbers and look where tomorrow goes. that system is sliding through and bringing cool air. sunday, is what i meant to say temperatures are going to warm up nicely. we'll have those forecast highs too. we'll let you know which cities will be the warmest and where you can find temperatures in the mid- and upper 50s. history is made. it was a monumental day in oakland. what people will be able to do for the first time now in 140 years. a conversation that was truly out of this world.
5:23 pm
how a local tech giant helped connect people with astronauts way up in space on the international space station. you go pick up a marriage license interrupted by a robbery. >> i heard a woman screaming, he's got my purse, help me, help me. >> what his fiance told him before he burst into action. >> then, eight angry men doesn't have the same ring. it could be the new number of jurors in california courtrooms. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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energy secretary steven chu says he plans to go back to her position as a physicist. on his return, chu will split time between the physics department.
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no date has been set for chu to leave the administration. president obama has not yet indicated who he will nominate as chu's replacement. the city of oakland placed a milestone. the 77th mile of lake merritt opened in 140 years. it's all part of a plan to connect the merritt to san francisco bay. >> it's going to make in area instead of a barrier a central place where people will come. >> reporter: the money came from measure dd which was approved by oakland voters back in 2002 to complete the first phase of the project the 12th street dam, culverts and pedestrian tunnels were all removed. the next phase involves demolishing culverts underneath tenth street. the project also includes a new path way and restored marsh land along a portion of the lake merit channel. >> i think it's going to become in and of itself this whole walk is going to become a bay
5:27 pm
area destination that everybody is going to love. >> reporter: the project will also improve the water quality in lake merry. tidal flow is expected to increase by about 50%. the city of oakland is also planning a big celebration in june when the entire project is expected to be finished. >> google plus users got their chance today to chat with astronauts. nasa hosted a hang out this morning with the crew aboard the international space station. users asked some questions like what last week's massive asteroid looked like from the space station. >> we thought since we were a little closer we would try to see it but we're not that much closer. >> reporter: crew members also said they weren't able to see last year's meteor blast over russia. san jose police are searching for a hit-and-run driver that occured in an early morning crash. the vta says an express bus was hit by a car that ran a red light. 14 passengers were on board one suffered a minor injury. both vehicles had extensive damage but the driver of the
5:28 pm
car drove away before police got there. the bus had to be towed. she went to prison after claiming she found a finger in a bowl of chili. well tell you what new charges put her back in court today. a form of identity theft you probably never heard of before. how it can take not only money but also damage a businesses reputation. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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it was a crime that made national headlines, a woman claiming that she found a finger in her chili at a fast food restaurant in the south bay. that woman went to prison and
5:31 pm
was then released. and now she's in trouble with the law once again. ktvu's robert handa live in san jose to tell us what she's accused of doing this time. robert-- >> reporter: well we're outside that wendy's restaurant where the infamous scam took place. now that crime from eight years ago doesn't have anything to do with the latest charges but it is influencing the case in many different ways. it was apparent ana ayala is not happy to be back in court or back in the public eye. the woman hit her face while being arrested by police and charged. it turned out to be a severed finger from her husband's coworker. >> all i know is that she's a good person, she's my sister and i love her and i will support her till the end. >> reporter: now ayala is accused of lying to help her son guadalupe reyes who also
5:32 pm
faces a gun charge. reyes claims he was shot by someone on a bicycle. ayala told police she saw an assailant and even told investigators it was a neighbor. it turned out reyes accidentally shot himself and told detectives he made up the story because as a convicted felon he is not supposed to own guns. he asked for high bail for ayala as well as reyes because of her conduct in the chili case. >> she has a history of manipulating the system for her own gain and we feel she's a flight risk. >> reporter: both ayala and reyes return to court march 1 when they are expected to enter pleas. oakland police have identified a man who was fatally shot. melvin beverly of san lorenzo
5:33 pm
was shot and killed. he parked his car and was going into a store when he was shot. this is oakland's 13th homicide of the year. officers aboard a police patrol boat spotted the body of 57-year-old david biddel about 10:30 yesterday morning. it appears he has been in the water for some time. three more popular websites are the latest victims of hacking. twitter. wired magazine says some people's e-mail addresses and phone numbers were exposed to the hackers. the white house has agreed to provide is senate intelligence economy with e-mails and other information in relation to an
5:34 pm
attack on the benghazi consulate. sources say some of the documents related to discussions with the administration about how to characterize the attack. republicans had threatened to hold up the nomination of chuck hagel until they received those documents. the first lawsuit has been filed in connection with the deadly southern california tour bus. eight people were killed when a tijuana based bus crashed on february 1st. the lawsuit was filed today by a mother and daughter who suffered broken bones in this crash. the suit names the charter bus company and the bus driver who says his brakes failed on that steep road. american today grounded their fleet of 787s. they discovered a cracked engine blade of one of the newest versions of the plane. the navy and marine corp. are planning to buy other versions to replace their old fighter jets. 51 planes have been grounded. the pentagon says it's still investigating and that it's
5:35 pm
just too early to know the entire impact of this problem. tonight we have information on a different type of identity theft that you may not be aware of. it's kind of like a mutant form of i.d. theft that has a sneaky way of taking both your money and your reputation. joe duncan and her husband have spent 11 years building their garage door business. they pride themselves on their good reputation and their hard work. then someone stole their business identity. affordable garage doors of pacifica. >> i'm more worried about my customers. if i'm told, an affordable garage door does a good job, instead of me you get them. i don't know what they're going to do to you. >> reporter: the thieves used the old fashion yellow pages buying up ads with the name affordable garage doors, but put their own phone number on it. >> a lot of the elderly people still use the phone book. >> reporter: but the yellow
5:36 pm
pages now calling themselves y.p. refuse to talk to us about the situation. and according to duncan, have not helped much. some mayor law enforcement powers though are paying attention. >> we don't know as much about how often it occurs as we do about consumer identity theft. >> reporter: joan mcnabb works in the california attorney general's office. >> my first acquaintance with it was when a couple of businesses contacted us because somebody had gotten credit in their business name. >> reporter: in pacifica, joe duncan of the real affordable garage doors says she had to do her own investigation. we followed that trail ourselves to this postoffice box at a ups store in emeryville. >> i think they advertise as a lock smith. >> reporter: and also to this office building a mile away from the mailbox. we asked the people in the next door office about their
5:37 pm
illusive neighbor. >> a middle eastern man, kept to himself. >> the phone company can't give me their record so i can take these people civilly. >> reporter: and the two police departments she went to told duncan she would have to sue the thieves in a civil action bringing the whole frustrating problem back full circle. tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. so once is understandable but 16 times, what this little girl did over and over again that has her mother facing a $5,000 fine from the police. and a first from our neighbors in nevada. what that state just legalized and what it could mean for a san francisco company.
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a mother in oregon is facing charges after her daughter called 911 16 times. the mother says she tried to keep the phone away from her daughter but kept getting it. >> she had pulled it down from the counter while i had been in
5:41 pm
the bathroom. i had done my best to keep it away from her. >> they warned jessica after the baby called 911 five times the week before last. they sited her after seven more 911 calls last week. nevada has become the first state to legalize online gambling. both houses of the legislature passed the bill yesterday in less than four hours. nevada's governor said he wanted to beat new jersey to the punch. with this bill nevada can now enter into compacts with other states to offer internet poker to people in nevada and participating states. one of the applicants is zynga and shares of that company closed up about 7.4%. a federal judge today handed a victory to an apple investor who was trying to persuade the company to share more of its cash with shareholders. apple was wrong to bundle four amendments to its corporate charter into one proposal.
5:42 pm
the suit says that bundle would have removed the board's ability to issue preferred stock without shareholder authorization. apple has $137 billion in the bank. most investors want apple to hand out at least some of that money. free but for how long? the new developments in the trial of an olympian who made h -- made his -- made history but is now accused of killing his girlfriend. >> which cities will be the warmest? we'll see you back here. a trip to pick up a marriage license interrupted by a robbery. >> i hear the woman screaming, he's got my purse, he's got my purse. help me, help me. >> what his fee -- fiance told him before he leapt into action. >> eight angry men doesn't have the same ring. why it could be the new number
5:43 pm
of jurors in california courtrooms. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to
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in south africa, olympic track star oscar pistorius is out of jail today. he was freed after some dramatic testimony of the shooting of his girlfriend. >> reporter: oscar pistoriuos is free, for now. the judge set bail at ability $100,000. prosecutors failed to prove pistorius was a flight risk or had a propensity for violence. >> like you said we have to follow the rueing of the court. >> reporter: he cannot return to his home where reva steamcamp was shot to death. he must turn in his passport,
5:46 pm
his guns and refrain from drinking alcohol. this is still a sad time for the family of reeva. the case has captivated the people of the double amputees hometown. >> it's strange how a few days ago we called him a hero. and today people say, he should be put to the sword. >> reporter: he is not free from the questions and curiosities that will follow him in the months leading up to a trial. postal department has filed a lawsuit against lance armstrong. the justice department says armstrong should return tens of millions of the dollars the u.s. postal service invested in
5:47 pm
him. the lawsuit against armstrong was filed two years ago by former teammate floyd landis. he had his 2006 title taken away because of the doping scandal. some dualing protests in washington as congress prepares to debate sweeping new gun control bills. a few days ago a large group of gun control activists called moms rising scoured the capital. they're pushing for new gun restrictions including better background checks for gun buyers. today it was the gun rights supporters in dc protesting any new restrictions. the black church leaders and civil rights activists say the senator's bill with high powered weapons would infringe on the second amendment. >> i learned how to say no new rules until you learn to enforce the ones we already have. >> the vice president biden also lobbied on gun control this week. he visited newtown connecticut
5:48 pm
where he proposed stricter backgrounds check for gun buyers. it's being called a day of action. coming up at 6:00 we're going to take you live to a rally on the peninsula that is pushing for gun law reform. if spending is any indication americans love their pets. last year they laid out $53 billion for food, health care, kennels and other services. that's up 5% from 2011. those figures come from the trade group the american pet products association. the group forecast a 4% increase this year. president obama used a photo op at the white house to call on congress to avoid automatic spending cuts. the president called averting the cuts quote a no brainer. president obama developed the plan for automatic caps during debt ceiling negotiations. he now wants more cuts.
5:49 pm
on wall street today, strong earnings report from companies including palo alto based hp pushed stocks higher. in all the dow raised 119 points. but still suffered its first weekly loss of the calendar year. if you love flowers you might want to take in the 61st annual pacific orchid exposition. it's the largest orchid show in the united states. it started yesterday and runs through sunday at fort mason center. you will be able to see 150,000 orchids from all over the world. the tickets run $13 on fine, $15 at the door with discounts for seniors, children 16 and under are free when they're with a paying adult. a snow flow driver in the boston area he is now without a job after he posted video of himself proudly burying cars in the snow. >> you won't find that until
5:50 pm
spring. >> mark hussey goes by the name dog. he was plowing streets in lowell when he made the video. after he posted it on you tube it went viral. >> it's very aggravating you want to throw a shovel at him. it's very aggravating. >> i realize you have a shovel but if you were that worried about shoving you would have parked your car in a parking lot and took a cab home. >> reporter: dog says he's always careful not to damage people and property and he also apologized to the city manager. even so he was still fired today. outside of the bay area we were a little warmer than it was yesterday. >> a little bit of rain earlier this week but a distant memory. temperatures today in the mid- 60s. more sunshine no rain really in the forecast. but if you look out here on live storm tracker 2. you can see this system. if you didn't know anything better how dry it's been you would think this thing is going to roll through here and drop some serious moisture. but it's not. you will see on the computer model shows up. what it is doing is increasing the cloud cover out there. if you look to the west, around
5:51 pm
sunset, around now you are going to see some really beautiful colors. the sunset will be beautiful tonight. at -- atmosphere is clear. i looked to the east and from grizzly peak. imagine this, from grizzly peak. that's a shot right. you can see the snow cap mountains. i've heard that before but it's very rare you can see that. so it's a lot of distance. a lot of good air quality that allows you to see through the atmosphere. clouds tonight and a chance of a spring -l late tonight early tomorrow morning. it's not a big deal. but it's enough to drop temperatures down tomorrow. so this low pressure center, and it moves in see it kind of goes the wrong way. it goes over and around instead of coming through it. the dynamics we're right on the edge of this thing. in terms of accumulation, i think the roads will get a little wet but that's it. the high pressure just shows you the calendar how dry it's been for february. this last week of february.
5:52 pm
that's a long range is dry too. after tonight and tomorrow morning's little event we're done. we're back to really great weather. computer model does this, slides it through about midnight right, that's the front and just splits in two. it's going to be good skying on the weekend. they're going to get three or four inches of this. three or four inches of snow will be nice if you're interested in that. if forecast highs cooler than today. we're splitting hairs because it's february and 52 degrees in morgan hill is nice. time to do the parade coming tomorrow. we have it televised live here. the parade starts about 5:15. we'll all be here frank and gasia we'll all be there. julie haener announces it on channel 2. fun every year. weather is going to be great. >> i look forward to that every year and it sounds like it's going to be nice weather. >> i can't believe you can see from grizzly peak. >> you look to the east. i don't know about tomorrow but the view is that good.
5:53 pm
>> that is remarkable. thanks bill. a massive drug bust in the south bay. the sophisticated equipment found. and the equipment used in hopes of cutting crime. you can't move the tv there.
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why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. santa clara sheriff's
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officials have discovered a marijuana grow. officials shared this picture, they said they found about 70 pounds of processed marijuana inside the home along with 468 marijuana plants yesterday. fishes say the street value of the marijuana is about $608,000. 32-year-old tri tran faces several charges in connection with this operation. officials in san francisco came together today to discuss ways to keep young adults from becoming repeat offenders. major ed lee and george gascon led today's forum at the hall of justice. they -- they are working with police and state officials. they are focusing on 18 to 35 year olds. >> currently right now it's about 41% of our last homicide rates were 18 to 45. so we want to bring to light in san francisco that there needs to be a focus. >> reporter: organizers say
5:57 pm
access to public services is important to keep young adults from committing crimes. former nascar champ petty showed off the forever stamp. the stamps are now on sale at postoffices across the country. the daytona 500 is this sunday remember for the first time in history, a woman danica patrick will be on the poll and you can watch that race right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. it appears the water slides out in pleasanton may be slipping into history. there was a committee in the regional park district that has recommended tearing them down. the district closed the slides last year after determining they needed $885,000 in repairs. a texas company had proposed replacing them with a larger water slide operation but wanted the park's district to pay 80% of the cost. the slides were built back in
5:58 pm
1981. two chp he'll cometter -- helicopters came to the rescue of a man being stalked by a mountain lion. the helicopter pilots found him frantically waving a flashlight with the mountain lion standing about 20 feet in front of him. the sound of that helicopter probably saved the hiker's life. >> i've never scared off a mountain lion before using a he'll cometter. >> - - helicopter. >> i shutter to think what would have happen first-degree he didn't have a cell phone to call for help. >> reporter: a state warden went to the park but says he was forced to shoot and kill the mountain lion when it aggressively approached him. a couple riding b.a.r.t. on their way to get a marriage
5:59 pm
license observe a crime taking place. >> a season starts with a punch for a northern california team. the news continues in just 90 seconds.


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